A wall match at the Amal Center for Special Education Habras on 4/2/2020

24 February, 2020

The Jadara Initiative at the Hope Center ... Within its humanitarian and societal goals, the Jadara Initiative organized on Tuesday 4/2/220 a special activity in the Hope Center for Special Education in the Bani Kenana Brigade - a center for people with special needs under the guidance of the initiative's founder, Mr. Faraj Al-Omari, and implemented by a group of volunteers In the initiative to receive the students of the center at the beginning of the second semester, where the celebration included educational and entertaining passages for the Amo Hammam group for children that its team was able to paint the joy on their faces, and I accept the center's children to show their talents the center in their own way as the learning outcomes that came with the efforts of female teachers Center through their educational practices with their children.
The Jadara initiative provided gifts appropriate to the center's students, which were carefully chosen to suit the needs of students.
The Jedar initiative has had a good impact on students, their parents, and the management of the center and its teachers for the sophisticated style you deal with in managing the activity you intend to do.
The initiative is keen to go everywhere to make people happy and make joy, and this is one of its noble goals that it always strives to achieve.
It was a special day with the Wall initiative, and we will continue the journey, carrying humanitarian messages and positive values, to be a permanent Wall initiative.

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