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The General Union of Voluntary Societies of The Capital Governorate

The General Union of Voluntary Societies for the Capital Governorate was established in 1958.
Mission The Union endeavors, in cooperation with charitable associations, to ensure social order and psychological well-being for the members of the community. 
Vision: Promoting a culture of philanthropy and cooperation among civil society organizations, to collectively address poverty and ignorance, while providing support to those in need among both institutions and individuals.

Supervising the common interests of the associations affiliated with the Union, guiding and directing them to achieve common goals.

Coordinating the efforts of affiliated associations, working to improve their services, and encouraging the establishment of new associations in the Union’s area of operation; to provide other social services needed by the governorate.

Developing the policy of the associations’ common services.

 Resolving differences arising between associations.

The Union shall be the focal point between its affiliated associations and governmental authorities, especially the Ministry of Social Development represented in its office in Jarash Governorate, regarding policy and financing.

Associations shall adhere to the Union’s directions and policies and contribute to joint ventures that the Union decides to undertake.

Providing the General Union of Voluntary Societies in Jordan with information, data, and statistics necessary to coordinate and consolidate the efforts of associations and social services throughout the country.

Providing the affiliated associations with affordable financial assistance.

Each society affiliated with the Union shall submit its annual report in three copies to the Union, which it shall submit in turn to the competent departments.

  • Membership of the General Assembly
  • Support provided by the General Union of Voluntary Societies
  • Support provided by the Ministry of Social Development
  • Donations, grants, and fundraising
  • Financial returns from the investment project of the Union