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Voluntary Societies Union of Al-Balqa Governorate

It was established on 19/6/1979, and comprises 16 associations under the registration number (534) according to the Law of Associations No. 33 of 1966, having the National Number (1979011200005) under the Law on Organizations No. 51/2008 and its amendments, affiliated by (156) associations now and managed by an administrative body of 11 members elected every (3) years.

Supervising the common interests of the affiliate associations with the Union, guiding, and directing them to achieve the common goals.

Coordinating the efforts of affiliate associations, working to improve their services, and encouraging the establishment of new associations in the Union’s area of operation; to provide other social services needed by the governorate.

Developing the policy of the associations’ common services.

Resolving differences arising between associations.

The Union shall be the focal point between its affiliated associations and government authorities, especially the Ministry of Social Development represented by the development departments in Al-Balqa Governorate, regarding policy and financing.

Providing the General Union of Voluntary Societies in Jordan with information and statistics necessary to coordinate and unify the efforts of associations and social services throughout the country.

 Associations shall adhere to the Union’s directions and policies and contribute to the joint ventures that the Union decides to undertake.

Providing the affiliated associations with financial assistance within its means.

Each society affiliated with the Union shall submit its annual report in three copies to the Union, to submit in turn to the competent departments.

  • Membership of the General Assembly
  • Support the General Union of Voluntary Societies
  • Support the Ministry of Social Development.
  • Donations, grants, and fundraising
  • Revenue from the real estate investment project